The Ethics Behind Stem Cell Research

The issues surrounding embryonic stem cell research have generated much debate amongst a number of groups including social scientists, lawyers and ethicists. This section contains the latest developments in the national and international regulation of stem cell research and surrounding issues.

Key Topics in the Issues Surrounding Stem Cell Research

  • The global politics of human embryonic stem cell science
  • Stem cell research, bio politics and globalization
  • Bioethics, patenting and the governance of human embryonic stem cell science: the European case
  • Embryos, cell lines: ESC science and the human tissue market

Stem cell research is a controversial point of medical research with many arguing that there are more beneficial areas to be researching, this is due to a limited number of funds and professionals that must be prioritised on different research paths.

Highest Funded Medial Research Departments

  • Rare Diseases – making sure patients and their families and carers have the information they need, are listened to and consulted
  • Aging – an initiative has been established to meet the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population whilst targeting all of the general health issues; memory loss, loss of teeth, being active on a day to day basis
  • Neurodegenerative – In the UK it has been estimated that dementia alone costs the economy billions every year
  • Mental Health – Despite the huge impact of mental ill health on individuals and the economy, mental health research receives only a fraction of the funding that supports research into other long-term chronic diseases

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