Partners That Extended Our Research

Funding is such an important part of our science work, that without it, we wouldn’t have been able to complete all of the work that we previously have.

Without it, we wouldn’t be able to make all these new advances that can develop and change a person’s life, as well as discovering new things. If you’d like to fund us, contact us.

This is a little thank you to all of our partners who have funded us in the past, and in the future. We acknowledge every single one of you.

Please Note: not all of the companies we have been funded by, but we are hoping to in the near future.

Olympus: – They help society by improving people’s lives by making them healthier, safer and much more fulfilling every single day. They do their work to help other scientific research.

Exterion Media: – By using their advertising expertise, they used Stagecoach buses in the North West, such as Manchester, Cumbria and North Lancashire to make others aware of our research, as well as funding vital experiments.

HIPP Investments: – Highly advanced in the finance industry, HIPP advise and help individuals and business on how to improve their profits and can also supply investments for many companies.

Government Conferences: – Our first Government funding strategies were from these. They also provide locations for Government conferences and can help you build your business.

 WCMT: – Based in Cambridge, Churchill College, they fund all sorts of scientific research around the UK so we can make better lives for the future generations.

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