Memorial Inscriptions Index;
Saltoun Churchyard

"Heir lyeth James Johnstown...."
Dated 1653 and still readable. Most unusual!

Memorial Inscriptions Index; Saltoun Churchyard.

Note 1; All Texts.: The information given in the alphabetical lists below lists every name recorded on the stones, not simply the deceased. It is necessarily very limited, in order to keep the file to a reasonable size.
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Note 2: The alphabetical index (given below) for the main churchyard is followed by a separate index for the "modern" annexe (plot "E"), which came into use very roughly fifty years ago. For full inscription texts, see Note 1 (above).

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Information is given in the form: "Surname", "Forename(s)", "tombstone reference", and "Maiden/married name" of women, where given.

Adamson Alexander A60
Adamson John A60
Adamson William A60
Adamson Andrew A60
Adamson Janet A60 also Henderson
Adamson Robert A60
Adamson Isabella A60 also Paterson
Ainslie Elizabeth A7 also Hunter
Aitken Isabella D13 also Park
Aitken James D13
Aitken Agnes D13 also Fordyce
Aitken Jessie A42 also McKay
Allan Mary A48 also Scott
Anderson Agnes D32 also Morrison
Anderson Helen A36 also Cameron

Baillie Jemima D16 also Ross
Baillie John Tainsh D16
Baillie Marion D46 also Mitchelson
Baillie Jane Ann D16 also McKay
Bain Eliza A70
Bald Marion D24 also McEwen
Balmer Isabella A14
Bartleman William CN2
Baptie Janet CN2 also Bartleman
Bartleman Katherine CN2
Bartleman Jean CN2
Bartleman James CN2
Bartleman Andrew CN2
Bartleman unknown CN2
Bartleman Janet CN2 also Baptie
Bathgate Stephen D19
Bathgate John D20
Bathgate Alison D20 also Ramage
Bathgate Jane M D19 also Sandilands
Bathgate James A32
Bathgate Isabella A32 also Leslie
Bathgate Andrew A1
Begbie James A13
Bell Elizabeth A67 also Muirhead
Bell James A67
Bell Margaret A67
Bell John A67
Bell Andrrew A67
Bell Francis A67
Bell Helen A67
Bell James A67
Bell Alexander A67
Bell Wilhellmina A67
Bird Mary A7 also Hunter
Blair George D 1
Blair Thomas D 15
Blair Janet D 15 also Dunlop
Blair Helen D 1 also Cockburn
Blyth Margaret D40 also Cockburn
Borthwick Margarett A30 also Cowe
Brodie Marion D5 also Henderson
Brotherston Janet D35 also Morrison
Broun John A2
Broun George A2
Broun Margaret A2 also Nimmo
Broun William A2
Brouwer George D37
Brouwer Maggie D37
Brouwer George D37
Brouwer Minnie D37
Brown Margaret A66 also Staig
Brown Janet A8 also Tait
Bruce Katherine (vault) also Fletcher

Calvert Jane B7 also Dods
Cameron Margaret A41
Cameron Alexander A36
Cameron Helen A36 also Anderson
Cameron Daniel A41
Cameron Janet A36
Cameron Helen A36
Cameron Peter A41
Cameron Helen A41 also Dodds
Campbell Walter CN1
Campbell William C1 / C2
Campbell Catherine B15
Campbell Janet B15
Campbell John B15
Campbell John B15
Campbell William B15
Campbell Ann B15
Campbell Barbara B15 also Milne
Carstairs Elizabeth C2
Clark A6
Clark Alexander D31
Clark Ann D31 also Findlay
Clark Jamesina D31
Clark Helen D31
Clark James D31
Clark James D31
Clarke Jane A27 also Melville
Clarke Thomas A27
Clarke John Elliot A27
Clarke Charles Melville A27
Cockburn Helen Al5 also Stuart
Cockburn Robert D40
Cockburn Helen D1 also Blair
Cockburn Andrew D40
Cockburn George D40
Cockburn Margaret D40 also Blyth
Corbet 3 unnamed children D10
Corbet Robert D10
Corbet Marion D10 also White
Cornwall Richard D27
Cornwall Alison D27 also Moffat
Cowe Mary A. A30 also Harkes
Cowe Francis A30 also Harkes
Cowe Christine A30
Cowe Margaret A30 also Borthwick
Cowe Francis A34
Cowe Rosanna A34 also Richardson
Cuthill Marion D42 also Smith

Davidson Georgina A43 also Fraser
Dickson Agnes A55 also Scott
Dickson Violet W A48 also Scott
Dodds Agnes D25 also Kirby
Dodds George D25
Dodds Thomas D25
Dodds Helen D25 also Minto
Dodds Helen A41 also Cameron
Dods Jane B7 also Calvert
Dods Alexander B7
Dods Frances B7 also Naysmith
Douglas George CN4
Douglas Dority CN4 also Knox
Douglas George CN4
Douglas John CN4
Douglas John CN4
Dove Margaret A18 also Purves
Drummond Ann D4
Drummond David D4
Durie Isabella D6 also Redpath
Dunlop Janet D15 also Blair
Dunn Emily A16 also Thorburn
Durie Isa D6
Durie John D6

Ferguson Robert C10
Ferguson Marion C10
Ferguson Henry C10
Ferguson George C10
Ferguson Catherine D44 also Sibbald
Ferguson John D44
Ferguson Margaret D44
Ferguson Alexander D44
Ferguson Mary D32 also Morrison
Fiddes Euphemia D33
Fiddes Elspeth D33
Fiddes Isebella D33
Fiddes Alexander D33
Fiddes Elizabeth D33
Findlay Ann D31 also Clark
Findlay Margaret Martin B2 also Hendry
Findlay James B2
Findlay Thomas Hendry B2
Findlay Charles B2
Findlay William Alexander B2
Finlayson John C1
Finlayson Robert C2
Finlayson James C2
Finlayson James C2
Finlayson Mary C2
Finlayson Margaret C2
Fletcher Christopher A65
Fletcher Jane A64 /A65
Fletcher John Theodore Plaque
Fletcher Jean Rosemary A64
Fletcher Bertha A63 also Talbot
Fletcher Frances Jane A63 also Winnington
Fletcher Andrew Mansel A63
Fletcher John A63
Fletcher Andrew A64 /A65
Fletcher Andrew Plaque and vault
Fletcher Robert vault
Fletcher Katherine vault also Bruce
Fletcher Andrew vault
Fletcher Charlotte vault
Fletcher Kathleen Louise vault
Fordyce James D13
Fordyce Agnes D13 also Aitken
Fortune Margaret D24 also McEwen
Fraser Georgina A43 also Davidson
Fraser David A43

Graham David B5
Graham Catherine B5 also Martin
Grieve Agnes D12 also Mack

Halliday Catherine A70
Halliday John A70
Haldane Margaret B20 also Stenhouse
Harkes Jeannie D26 also McDonald
Harkes Francis Cowe A30
Harkes John Frederick A30
Harkes Arthur James Balfour A30
Harkes George A30
Harkes Mary A A30 also Cowe
Hay Margaret A38 also Somner
Hay Janet C7 also Leckie
Henderson Margaret A35 also Muirhead
Henderson Mary Ann A46 also McIntosh
Henderson James A50
Henderson Ann A50 also Mackay
Henderson James A50
Henderson Archibald A22
Henderson John A22
Henderson Margaret A22 also Thorburn
Henderson Robert D5
Henderson Marion D5 also Brodie
Henderson Mary D5
Henderson George D5
Henderson Archibald D5
Henderson C5
Henderson Alexander D30
Henderson Elizabeth D30 also McEwen
Henderson Janet A60 also Adamson
Hendry Margaret B2 also Findlay
Herriot David CN1
Herriot John CN1
Hill Mary A51 also Monteith
Hill Helen A55 also Scott
Hill Elizabeth A25 also Laing
Hobbs Christian A46 also McIntosh
Horsburgh Janet B A62 also Staig
Hume Catherine A26 also Porteous
Hume John Watson A26
Hunter Alex A7
Hunter William Stevenson A7
Hunter John A7
Hunter David A7
Hunter Elizabeth A7 also Ainslie
Hunter John A7
Hunter Mary A7 also Reid
Hunter Mary A7 also Johnstone
Hunter David A4
Hunter Harriet Stevenson A4
Hunter William A4
Hunter Jessie A4 also Johnston

Inglis Margaret B25 also Moffat
Inglis John B25

Jamieson Marjory A61 also Simpson
Jeffrey Alexander CN3
Jeffrey Isabella CN3
Jeffrey Elizabeth CN3
Jeffrey Mary CN3 also Usher
Jeffrey Alexander CN3
Jeffrey Mary CN3
Johnstown James B12
Johnston Jessie A4 also Hunter
Johnston Mary A7 also Hunter

Kerr Adam B1
Kerr George B1
Kerr Mary B1
Kerr Elisabeth B1 also Redpath
Kerr Robert B1
Kerr Ninian B1
Kirby Agnes D25 also Dodds
Kirby Alan D25
Knox Dority CN4

Laing John Fender A25
Laing Jessie C A25
Laing William H A25
Laing Thomas W A25
Laing John Watson A25
Laing Alison A25 also Ross
Laing Elizabeth A25 also Hill
Laing Jean A12
Laing Robert A12
Laing George Al2
Laing Catherine Al2 also Sked
Laing Isobella A12
Laing Douglas A12
Laing Katherine A12
Landsborough Isabella A56 also Thomson
Landsborough Margaret A56
Law Ellen A57 also Monteith
Leckie Peter C7
Leckie Janet C7 also Hay
Leslie Isabelle A32 also Bathgate
Lindsay Mary A58 also Richardson
Lindsay James A58
Logan Margaret A20 also Meharry
Logan David A20
Lorimer Jane P A40 also Turner
Lothian William D43
Lothian Milne D43
Lothian Isabella D43
Lothian Christine D43 also Morrison
Lothian Charles D43
Lothian Maggie M D34 also Maule

MacAdam Robert CN5
MacAdam Janet CN5
MacAdam John CN5
MacAdam Jessie CN5
Mack Agnes D12 also Grieve
Mack James D12
Mackay Ann A50 also Henderson
Mackie Jessie B A47 also Sinclair
Martin Catherine B5 also Graham
Mason John A57
Mason Elizabeth A57 also Monteith
Mason Ellen Law A57
Mason David A57
Maule Maggie A34 also Lothian
McCulloch John A24
McCulloch Helen A24 also McNally
McDonald Jeannie R D26 also Harkes
McDonald William C D26
McDonald Helen Geddes A37 also Tait
McEwen Elizabeth D30 also Henderson
McEwen Thomas D24
McEwen Margaret D24
McEwen John D24
McEwen Margaret D24 also Fortune
McEwen James D24
McEwen William D24
McEwen Marion D24 also Bald
McEwen Janet D24
McEwen John D24
McEwen Alexander D24
McEwen John D24
McGhie John C9
McGillivray Mary Murray Oatts A46 also Mclntosh
McIntosh Mary Murray Oatts A46 also McGillivray
McIntosh James A46
McIntosh John A46
McIntosh Mary Ann A46 also Henderson
McIntosh Christian A46 also Hobbs
McKay Jane Ann D16 also Baillie
McKay Thomas D16
McKay Mary D16
McKie William A42
McKie Isabella A42
McKie Jessie A42 also Aitken
McNally Helen A24 also McCulloch
McWatt David James A68
McWatt Johanna A68 also Purves
McWatt Johanna Margaret A68
McWatt James A68
Meharry Catherine A20 also Stibbings
Meharry John A20
Meharry Margaret A20 also Logan
Melville Jane A27 also Clarke
Milne Barbara B 15 also Campbell
Mill George C 11
Minto Helen D25 also Dodds
Mitchell George A52
Mitchelson William D46
Mitchelson Isabella D46
Mitchelson Marion D46 also Baillie
Moffat Margaret B25 also Inglis
Moffat Alison D27 also Cornwall
Monteith Elizabeth A57 also Mason
Monteith Ellen A57 also Law
Monteith Annie A51 also Wyllie
Monteith John A57
Monteith John A57
Monteith George A57
Monteith William A51
Monteith Mary A51 also Hill
Monteith John A51
Monteith Thomas M A51
Monteith William A51
Monteith William A39
Monteith Margaret A39 also Sanderson
Monteith James A59
Monteith Robert A59
Morison William D35
Morison Janet D35 also Brotherston
Morrison Peter D36
Morrison Janet D36
Morrison William D36
Morrison Jane D36 also Rae
Morrison Mary D32 also Ferguson
Morrison Andrew D32
Morrison William D32
Morrison Agnes Anderson D32
Morrison Margaret D32
Morrison Peter D32
Morrison John D32
Morrison Mary Williamina D32
Morrison Janet D32 also Ritchie
Morrison Andrew D32
Morrison James D32
Morrison Christina D43 also Lothian
Muir Margaret A69 also Paton
Muir William A69
Muirhead Christina A35
Muirhead Alex A35
Muirhead John A35
Muirhead Margaret A35 also Henderson
Muirhead Elizabeth A67 also Bell
Mullin Leo Edward A47
Munro Eliza A33 also Tait

Naysmith Jane B7
Naysmith Frances B7 also Dods
Naysmith James B7
Nimmo Margaret A2 also Broun
Noble Margaret A3 also Sunnis

Oatts Thomas Murray A45
Ovens Andrew D9
Ovens Abner D9
Ovens Catherine D D9 also Thomson
Ovens Annie Miller D9
Ovens Abner D28
Ovens Elizabeth Ann D28
Ovens Grace Wilhelmina D28

Paisley Robert Ninian Plaque
Park Isabella D 13 also Aitken
Park Christian D45 also Rate
Park Janet D45 also Rate
Paterson Janet B8
Paterson Caroline B8 also Nicholson
Paterson Peter B8
Paterson John A71
Paterson Violet A71 also Plenderleith
Paterson Helen A71
Paterson Christian A71
Paterson Isabella A60 also Adamson
Paton Margaret A69 also Muir
Phillips Anna Wishart A48
Phillips William M.H A48
Playfair Isabella A29 also Robertson
Plenderleith Violet A71 also Paterson
Porteous Catherine A26 also Hume
Pringle Charles CN4
Pringle Janet CN4
Purves Margaret A18 also Dove
Purves Johanna A68 also McWatt
Purves William A18

Ramage Alison D20 also Bathgate
Ramage Stephen D11
Ramage Catherine D11
Ramage Isabella D11
Ramage Barbara D11
Ramsay Margaret A31 also Stark
Ranken James C2
Ranken Elizabeth C2 also Carstairs
Rae Jane D36 also Morrison
Rate George D45
Rate Betsy D45
Rate George D45
Rate Jane D45 also Park
Rate Helen D45
Rate Mary D45
Rate Mary D45
Rate Thomas D45
Rate John D45
Rate Betsy D45
Rate Christian D45 also Park
Rate Mary D45
Rate Agnes D45
Rate Thomas D45
Rate John D45
Redpath Elisabeth B1 also Kerr
Redpath Isabella D6 also Durie
Reid Margaret D17
Richardson Mary A58 also Lindsay
Richardson John A58
Richardson Martin A58
Richardson James A58
Richardson Robert A58
Richardson Mary A58 also Thomson
Richardson Richard A58
Richardson William A58
Richardson Isabella A58
Richardson William A58
Richardson Barbara A58
Richardson Christina A34
Richardson George A34
Richardson Agnes A34 also Thomson
Richardson Rosanna A34 also Cowe
Richardson Janet CN5 also MacAdam
Ritchie Janet D32 also Morrison
Robertson William A29
Robertson Isabella Agnes A29 also Playfair
Ross Jemima D16 also Baillie
Ross Alison A25 also Laing

Sanderson Margaret A39 also Monteith
Sandilands Jane M D19 also Bathgate
Scott Mary A10 also Tait
Scott Agnes Dickson A55
Scott Helen A55 also Hill
Scott Agnes A55 also Dickson
Scott Horatius N B A55
Scott James A55
Scott Violet A55
Scott Peter Hill A55
Scott Violet W A48 also Dickson
Scott David A48
Scott Thomas W A48
Scott Mary A48 also Allan
Scott William A44
Scott Emily A44 also Williams
Sharp Andrew Al7
Sharp Marion A17 also Tulloch
Sibbald Catherine D44 also Ferguson
Simpson William D21
Simpson James D21
Simpson Jane D21
Simpson Margaret D21
Simpson Agnes A61
Simpson Lilias A61
Simpson Marion A61
Simpson William A61
Simpson Marjory A61 also Jamieson
Simpson Agnes A61
Simpson Robert D41
Sinclair George A47
Sinclair Jessie Barber A47 also Mackie
Sked Mary E B11
Sked Catherine A12 also Laing
Skene William A15a
Smith Marion D42 also Cuthill
Smith John D42
Smith Isabel D42 also Walker
Smith Richard D42
Somerville Isabella B16 also Stewart
Somner Richard A38
Somner Margaret A38 also Hay
Somner Anne A38
Somner Jean A38 also Veitch
Staig David A62
Staig Janet A62 also Horsburgh
Staig Mary M A66 also Brown
Staig John A66
Staig Margaret A66
Staig Elisabeth A66
Staig William L. A66
Stark Margaret B.T A31 also Ramsay
Stark Charles A31
Stenhouse Margaret B20
Stenhouse Robert B20
Stewart Adam B16
Stewart Isabella B16 also Somerville
Stibbings Catherine A20 also Meharry
Stirling John B23
Stirling Elizabeth B23
Stirling Crawford B23
Stirling Crawford Leslie B23
Stirling Elizabeth B23 also Turner
Stirling Agnes B23
Stuart John A15
Stuart Helen Al5 also Cockburn
Stuart John A15
Sunnis Alan A3
Sunnis Margaret A3 also Noble
Sunnis William A3
Sunnis Mary A3

Tafts Kathrin A21 also Thomson
Tait Mary A10 also Scott
Tait John A10
Tait Alex A10
Tait Eliza A33 also Munro
Tait Alexander A33
Tait Leonard A33
Tait William Henderson A33
Tait Jane A8
Tait Janet A8 also Brown
Tait John A8
Tait Catherine A5
Tait George Munro A37
Tait Helen Geddes A37 also Macdonald
Talbot Bertha A63 (vault) also Fletcher
Thomson Kathrin A21 also Tafts
Thomson William A21
Thomson Katherine A21
Thomson Agnes A34 also Richardson
Thomson Isabella A56 also Landsborough
Thomson Arthur A56
Thomson Margaret A56 also Landsborough
Thomson Mary A58 also Richardson
Thomson G B18
Thomson Elisabeth Margaret B13
Thomson Catherine D9 also Ovens
Thorburn John A16
Thorburn Emily Al6 also Dunn
Thorburn Margaret A22 also Henderson
Tuke Dr J B A5
Tulloch Marion Al7 also Sharp
Turner Elizabeth B23 also Stirling
Turner James A40
Turner George A40
Turner Jane P A40 also Lorimer

Usher Mary E3 also Jeffrey

Veitch Jean A38 also Somner

Wadle Margaret B21
Walker Isabel D42 also Smith
Wallace Robert D 18
Wallace Cecilia D 18 also Fairgrieve
White Ann D4
White Marion D10 also Corbet
Whitson Mary D16 also McKay
Whitson Abraham D16
Williams Emily A44 also Scott
Winnington Frances A63 also Fletcher
Wishart Anna A48 also Phillips
Wyllie Annie A51 also Monteith
Wyllie John A51

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Index to the "modern" annexe. (Plot "E").

Addison Alexander S E35
Addison Helen J E35 also McLaren
Addison Hugh A S E35
Aitken May E10 also Clifton
Anderson James E61
Anderson Louise E74 also Hastie

Banks Christina E15 also Smith
Banks Agnes E39 also Kerr
Banks James N S E39
Bathgate Euphemia E33 also Mack
Bathgate Edward Bird E23
Bathgate Elizabeth E23 also Scott
Bathgate Archibald S E77
Bathgate Agnes W E77 also Henderson
Bertram Jean E1
Bisset David E67
Bisset Jane E67 also Everson
Blair Martha E48 also Bourhill
Blair Elizabeth E20
Bole Mary C E22 also Stewart
Bole Catherine E34 also Hunter
Bourhill Martha E48 also Blair
Bourhill Robert E48
Brown Christina E69 also Veitch
Buglass James E32
Buglass Martha E32 also Stoddart
Burns Helen E62 also Cunningham
Burns John E62

Callaghan James E79
Callaghan Mary E79 also Wallace
Campsie Alexander E52
Campsie Verena E52
Cannon Lily E21 also Main
Clifton Charles E10
Clifton May E10 also Aitken
Cornwall Agnes E80 also Voy
Cornwall Thomas E14
Cornwall Elizabeth E14 also Punton
Cowe David E45
Cowe Mary E45 also Kent
Cunningham Helen E62
Currie Mollie E2 also McDonald

Davidson Catherine E4 also Lothian
Davidson Derek E4
Davidson Elizabeth E5 also Reid
Davidson Henry E9
Davidson Jean E9 also Dow
Davidson William E5
Dickson James E70
Dickson Janet E70 also Whitson
Dow George E16
Dow Donald E16
Dow Ireen E16
Dow Donald E28
Dow Jean E9 also Davidson
Dow Mary E28 also Love
Durie Fred D H E63
Durie Beatrice E63 also Hume
Durie Fred D H E64
Durie Jane E64 also Goodall

England Louisa E19 also Ovens
Everson Jane E67 also Bisset

Fiddes Helen E51 also McGhie
Fiddes Prancis E51
Fraser Janet E83 also Miller
Fraser John E83

Gibson Georgina Bathgate E78
Golton Harriet E8 also Murray
Golton Robert E8
Goodall Jane G E64 also Durie
Goodall Jean E1
Goodbrand Mary E37 also Stables
Goodall Tom E1
Gordon Robina Plaque also McIntosh

Hamllton Lyrida E6a no stone: died Oct.l998
Hastie Alexander E74
Hastie Louise E74 also Anderson
Henderson Agnes W E77 also Bathgate
Henderson Elizabeth E75 also Whitson
Henderson James E75
Hepburn Agnes E13 also McLaren
Hepburn Matthew E13
Hogarth Angus E30
Hogarth Josephine E30 also Sinclair
Hogg Agnes E40 also Martin
Hosie Elizabeth E41 also Morrison
Hume Beatrice E63 also Durie
Hunter Catherine E34 also Bole
Hunter William E34
Hunter Helen E59 also Maxwell

Innes Andrew B E12

Kent Mary T'otter E45 also Cowe
Kerr Agnes E39 also Banks Kerr James E6
Ker Janet E81 also Reynolds
Kerr Lynn E6 also Watson
Kerr Michelle E6
Kerr Suzanne E6
Kirk Buchan E18
Kirk Elizabeth E31 also McDonald
Kirk Mary E18 also Taylor

Lawson Isabella E72 also Trotter
Lothian Catherine E4 also Davidson
Love Mary E28 also Dow
Lugton Isabella E38 also Stenhouse

McCormack Catherine E56 also Whitson
McCormack William E56
McCormack Mary E50 also Reid
McCormack Peter E50
McDonald Margaret E65 also Smyth
McDonald Jackie E2
McDonald Mollie E2 also Currie
McDonald Elizabeth E31 also Kirk
McDonald John E31
McGhie Helen Noble E35 also Fiddes
McGlynn Mary E44 also Redpath
McGlynn Michael E44
McIntosh Robina (Plaque) also Gordon
McIntosh Alexander (Plaque)
McKinley Edward E20
McLaren Agnes E13 also Hepburn
McLaren Helen J E35 also Addison
McLeod Anna E11 also Main
Mack Henry E76
Mack David E33
Mack Euphemia E33 also Bathgate
Main Anna E11 also McLeod
Main James A E11
Main Oliver E21
Main Lily E21 also Cannon
Martin Isabella E3 also Wilson
Martin William E57
Martin Thomas E40
Martin Agnes E40 also Hogg
Martin Janet E57 also Ramsay
Mason Walter E7
Mason Jean E7 also Stevenson
Mason Lorna E26
Maxwell Grace D E58
Maxwell John Messer F59
Maxwell Helen E59
Michaelis-Jena Ruth E54 also Ratcliff
Mill-Irving David Jarvis E24
Mill-Irving Margaret Estella E24 also Moxon
Mill-Irving William J (Plaque)
Miller Janet E83 also Fraser
Moxon Margaret E.Orchardson E24 also Mill-Irving
Morrison William E41
Morrison Elizabeth E41 also Hosie
Morton Andrew E47
Morton Edna M E47 also Pettitt
Murray Harriet E8 also Golton

Napier Euphemia P B E66 also Robertson
Norwood Annie E68
Norwood Hugh E68

Ovens Catherine E46 also Turner
Ovens James S E19
Ovens Louisa E19 also England

Pettitt Edna M E47 also Morton
Phillips William E82 see A48 in main index
Punton Alexander E17
Punton Margaret E17 also Spence
Punton Elizabeth E14 also Cornwall

Ramage James E43
Ramage Elizabeth E43 also Ramsay
Ramsay Elizabeth E43 also Ramage
Ramsay Janet E57 also Martin
Ratcliff Arthur E54
Ratcliff Ruth E54 also Michaelis-Jena
Redpath Mary E44 also McGlynn
Reid Mary W E50 also McCormack
Reid Elizabeth E5 also Davidson
Renton Andrew E84
Renton Jessie E84
Reynolds John E81
Reynolds Janet E81 also Ker
Robertson Philip E66
Robertson Euphemia E66 also Napier
Ross Andrew E71
Salkeld Agnes E80 also Voy/Cornwall
Scott Elizabeth A E25 also Bathgate
Simpson David E25
Sinclair Josephine E30 also Hogarth
Smith Ralph E15
Smith Christina E15 also Banks
Smyth George Paton E65
Smyth Margaret E65 also McDonald
Spence Margaret E17 also Punton
Stables Alexander E37
Stables Mary E37 also Goodbrand
Stenhouse Robert E38
Stenhouse Isabella E38 also Lugton
Stevenson Jean E7 also Mason
Stewart John E22
Stewart Mary E22 also Bole
Stoddard Martha E32 also Buglass
Stoddard Marion E55
Stoddard Alexander E55
Stuart Malcolm Moncrieff E29

Tait Jessie E73
Tait John H E73
Taylor Mary E18 also Kirk
Trotter Georgina E49 also Wallace
Trotter Robert A E72
Trotter Isabella E72 also Lawson
Turner Catherine T E46 also Ovens
Turner Robert E46

Veitch Christina E69 also Brown
Veitch James E69
Voy Agries E80 also Cornwall / Salkeld
Voy Alexander Leslie E80

Waddell Archibald E42
Wallace John E49
Wallace Georgina E49 also Trotter
Wallace Malcolm B E36
Wallace Mary E79 also Callaghan
Watson Lynn E6 also Kerr
Watson Robert E60
Watson Sarah E60 also White
White Sarah E60 also Watson
Whitson Janet E70
Whitson Elizabeth E75 also Henderson
Whitson Catherine E56 also McCormack
Wilson Isabella E3 also Martin
Wilson James E3
Wilson Peter E27
Wolf Gumpold Kaethe E53

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