Genealogy Research Services

We offer a flexible range of genealogy research services that can be adapted to suit your requirements. After all, no two families are the same. As well as building family trees for people we are happy to work in partnership with your own genealogical research by helping out  when necesary.Or you may require us to […]

Stem Cells and Human Development

Stem cells have huge potential in health and medical research but to completely harness this potential, scientists are investigating how stem cells change into the broad variety of specialised cells that make people what they are today. Because illnesses like cancer and conditions such as birth defects are thought to occur due to problems in […]

Stem cell research

Stem cells have the ability to change into several different cell types in the body during early life and development. Additionally, in several tissues they serve as a kind of repair system for the human body, dividing limitlessly to replenish other cells so long as the human or animal remains alive. When a stem cell […]

The Ethics Behind Stem Cell Research

The issues surrounding embryonic stem cell research have generated much debate amongst a number of groups including social scientists, lawyers and ethicists. This section contains the latest developments in the national and international regulation of stem cell research and surrounding issues. Key Topics in the Issues Surrounding Stem Cell Research The global politics of human […]

Learn about stem cell research

Stem cell controversy Embryonic stem cells have triggered a lot of debate amongst religious people, political figures, the general public and even a minority of scientists. Those who oppose embryonic stem cell research liken the destruction of an embryo to an abortion. They think that the embryo is alive because of its potential to develop […]